buying a new shoe?

A show is a very important accessory which can make your life easier in outdoors (even in sports also). You can see a different shoe for every different activity. Every activity has different utilities and demands from a shoe.

Here I will list out the different shoes for hiking/trekking as from my experience over past 2 years.

There are different classifications and criteria to select a shoe. One may be the use :

  • Regular trekking
  • Occasional trekking

Depending on what stuff you do

  • Trecknicks (treks or picnics)
  • Serious hiking and trekking

How much you want to spend

  • Money
  • Less money

If you have money and are ready to spend


If you have shit load of money and are not a regular trekker, but more of a fashionista, timberland is your destination. The shoes start from 7K and above. You can wear those shoes on a party also if you are not using them for trekking. In timberland you will get all the features of proper trekking footwear but at very inflated costs. Still you get to wear branded footwear in both adventure and fashion fields.


Merell shoes are considered to be one of the best footwear in outdoor industry, costing around 150$-250$. But putting that amount of money will ensure you to utilize the latest and most efficient technologies such as novadry, Gore-tex, waterproof, vibram traction etc. You can use them in any condition/weather and have a wonderful experience. In India some walk-in M&B stores stock Merell. Hyderabad does not have such store yet, but you can try in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai or visit M&B site.


Quechua is also a very good France based outdoor products company. They have agood range of hiking boots from 3500-11000. The basic shoe “forclaz 500” is quiet popular shoe among the trekkers and costs 3500. The shoe is good for hiking and is very comfortable. The only problem comes on wet surfaces, the traction is not so good. Comfort wise the shoe is good.

The top product from Quechua is “forclaz 900 trek”, costing about 11000, available online at some cheaper prices (7-8K). The features of the shoe are comparable with Merell ones. A friend is using the shoe and is quite impressed with it.

Forclaz 500 is available on all adventure stores, wildcraft stores or online at

The North Face / mountain hard wear

These two companies are the best in the world in adventure gear. So no doubt there products will e awesome ones but parallaly charge you with the same. I have not yet got my hands on the shoes. There is no company store of north face in India but I got to know that they are available at some stores throughout the country. One such store is in Ambience mall, gurgaon.


When you go hiking occasionally there is no need of buying the specialized hiking boots. Go t oany woodland stores and pick up some nice ankle support shoe with good grip. Those shoes will be water resistant and very perfect for hiking outdoors whom you can use them casually in daily life. These cost around 4-5K (2-3 K in sale period). The disadvantage with woods is that they are heavy sometimes, so see to it accordingly at the time of buying. Also if you are using the shoe for scrambling, avoid shoes with huge front or very big soles. With those you would be able to put your shoe in small gaps between rocks.


Weinbrienner is another outdoor company imported by Bata in India. It’s not like merell/northface etc. but is a good company having good features. You will get ankle support shoes at around 2K, which is pretty good for a person like me (those who don’t have any money). The grip is very good compared to forclaz 500. You can use these casually also. “Bata stores” is where you can get them or also can visit


These were the branded items for people having good bucks. Now I will list some local products which have been tried and tested.

Hunter Shoes

These shoes are for Indian army guys for wilderness with proper support and good grip. They cost around 250 bucks only, parallely are not that comfortable. You need to use them to adjust properly. Each shoe lasts 7-8 good treks and then the sole rips off.  They are available in the military shops (laad bazaar or secunderabad in Hyderabad).

Liberty hunter

They are an advanced level of hunter shoes made by liberty with a better grip and much more comfort. They cost about 1200 bucks. Available at laad bazaar.

DMS leather

DMS stands for direct military supply. These shoes are made for Indian military, as the name suggests, made for everything and anything. A good high ankle shoe will cost you around 1000 Rs , the issue with shoes is they are very uncomfortable, you need to loosen then and adjust according to your feet. New shoes will give bad blisters if used directly on a trek. The shoe needs to be worn atleast a month to get comfortable, if the shoe suits you there is nothing better. Available in military shops (laad bazaar).

Industrial grade shoes

Shoes made for people working in the industries, shockproof, waterproof, everlasting traction, genuine rubber, good ankle support, worth Rs 900. The comfort and ease level is not known as I haven’t tried them yet, but the shoe looks very reasonable and promising. Available at industrial shops (ranigunj in Hyderabad).


Those were the shoes I know of, one more shoes are available on, with good ankle support. Ordering online for shoes is not a preferred way as you cant check your feet in it prior buying. Still the choice is yours.

If you have any other shoe that I missed, I request you to please mention in the comment section and let everyone benefit out of it.


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2 thoughts on “buying a new shoe?

  1. namitachandra

    Hi Mohit, stumbled across this post incidentally and was quite a lifesaver. Well almost :). Am hoping you can help out with a query I’ve been debating and no amount of googling has given a solution. A friend and I are planning to do the Hadrian’s wall trek for 6 days, 55 miles. Am not a seasoned trekker or anything even close for that matter but need to pick a good pair of shoes. I don’t use leather products, since I leave in 10 days I want to get this shoe asap (so like from a shop, not online), I suppose I also need to break it in and I definitely don’t want a heavy pair, budget not an issue, location NCR. Anything you can refer/ recommend within these boundary conditions? or this is a lost case and I should just risk it with Nike types? Would be a really really great help!

    • Hi Namita,
      Recently I came across an awesome pair of shoes at timberland (earthkeepers) not available online . Just go to any timberland or a caterpillar store in NCR and have a look at there products, take the waterproof ones (Gore-tex) with a “Vibram” sole, ankle support is also useful for an uneven terrain 🙂
      End of season sale is also going on, so its a good time to get them.
      Sorry for the late response, I was out in the wild 🙂

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