Homecoming : a unique procedure in my life

I don’t know about everybody, but in my case my coming back home from Hyderabad is a big event. Maybe because nobody has anything to do back here so they wait for me to come, entertain them and keep them busy.
A week before only my mom and Naani start worrying about my condition, how will I be and what to do to make me the same as I was before leaving them. And they are right in there own sense, who will not go bananas if there son looks like this :

And what there son actually is


I know it’s not easy to bring such changes over a couple of hours, kudos to you mom for making me what I am from whatever I may be at any moment.
The moment I step in the home, they are mentally prepared to take it easy in starting as being aggressive will not solve the solution. Then slowly slowly they start pointing out things one by one in a very ” Indian” way of convincing. I ll refer Russell Peters in this scenario[1].
I generally reach home in the evening and the main “cleansing programme” starts the next morning and is a half-day programme. So the very first temporary solution is to get a bath ASAP and giving my all clothes in the bag for washing, all means everything right from my handkerchief to my slippers, even my iPad cover and bag itself.
The first words after the initial hello talks is ” haaayy, Kitna mail chadha rakha hai. Jaa ke nha le na, pleasee….” And these lines keep repeating till I go and have a bath , no mater whatever important work I need to do or am doing. Also these lines are accompanied with ” Bachpan me Kitna gora hua karta tha ye ladka”.
All these tactics are played by my mom while my Naani ( mom’s mom) is always in the background. It’s she who takes the most tension but can’t pour it out in front of me as she loves me too much ( it’s vice versa too). But when I am not listening to my mom and she keeps repeating all her verses on me Naani sometimes gets a kick and she also starts expressing her thoughts which are not relevant at all and this creates an awesome randomness and full lively atmosphere in my home which was lifeless before my coming back. So to avoid all this the best option for me is to do whatever they demand and be at peace.
The very next morning comes the time for me to get my hair trimmed and beard shaved. Naani is too keen on short hair and beard, so there is no question on arguing on that topic. So the very next morning I stand with all my hair cut ready to go to the next phase.
The next phase is my mom doing my whole makeover with pedicure manicures, all sorts of cleansing milks, creams , I don’t know what they are and what my mom does with them and then the scrubbing procedure begins and I once again become there own son. And when I ask them what motivates her to do all this hard work, her answer is “satisfaction”.
” Mera beta Saaf suthra rehna chahiye, taaki bahar log dekhenge to bolenge ki dekh geeta ka beta kitna dhang se rehta hai”. So is it only a matter of what society thinks, and are only the looks that matter?
Anyways here I am sitting with my beard gone, hair trimmed, body cleansed, clean clothes, good food and yeah whatever emotional drama happens over here ” it feels good to be back home and to humanity”.
Moral of the story : “Always try to improve your inner self , mom is always there for the outer” 🙂

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One thought on “Homecoming : a unique procedure in my life

  1. Ujju

    Hilarious bhai! 😀

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