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Places to visit near Hyderabad.

An attempt from my side ūüôā


  • Pocharam dam reservoir, Medak: 110 km. from Hyderabad, 15 kms from medak town on the medak-yellareddy road. A nice drive (car/bike) of 100 km on the Hyderabad – Narsapur – Medak road takes you to medak town.15 km from medak is the Pocharam lake. A nice place to have a picnic as well as camping. You can go play in the water also, but it will be muddy or thorny at some places.

    pic :Akshay Mani Agarwal, “the lungi dance theme”

  • Manjeera reservoir¬†: 90 km on the Mumbai highway you will find this on your right. This place is a crocodile sanctuary,And believe me a view of hundreds of crocodiles bathing in the winter sun is really worth. Also this is the place half of Hyderabad gets water.
  • Singur Dam :¬†120 km from Hyderabad, after manjeera reservoir¬† comes this huge dam
  • Laknavaram lake¬†: About 70 km from warangal, totaling 220 km from Hyderabad, another amazing lake.

    pic : mohit Kharb

  • Pakhal lake¬†: 60 km from warangal and about 200 km from Hyderabad¬† this lake is among the 12 most beautiful lakes in the world on a blog. Check out¬†

    pic: Alosh Bennett

  • Nagarjuna sagar :¬†165 km from Hyderabad, a quite popular place among everyone.
  • Srisailam Dam :¬†Best time to visit it is when the gates are open. the place is majestic.

    pic : Rohet Padyal

  • The Koil sagar reservoir¬†stretches across the Peddavagu, a minor tributary of the Krishna River. The western stretch of this picturesque reservoir is surrounded by high hills, making it a beautiful spot and is a treat for sore eyes during sunrise and sunset. 133 km from Hyderabad on the Bengaluru highway.
  • Orvakkal rock gardens¬†: 230 km from¬†Hyderabad¬† on the kurnool-kadapa highway. these rock formations will blow your mind away. A lake is the middle of these rock formations and completes the picture for a perfect scene.

    pic : Oindrilla Dey

  • Chandrampally dam¬†:150 km, near the chincholi village in Gulbarga district of Karnataka lies this small yet beautiful reservoir. A nice place to trek around/camp/picnic.

    pic : Rakesh Aavula


  • Kuntala falls:¬†Kuntala Waterfalls¬†is claimed to be the highest waterfall of Andhra Pradesh. Kuntala Waterfall, set amid the Sahayadri mountain range in Andhra Pradesh, presents a wonderful vista with its gushing waters.¬†Through the dense forests, River Kadam flows and tumbles gushing at Kuntala from the height of 45 meters, creating the astounding waterfall.

    Pic : GHAC team, october 2011

  • Pochera falls :¬†Pochera waterfall¬†is unique and is varied from other waterfalls. Situated interiorly amidst dense forests this waterfall offers an exhilarated experience to the visitor.
  • Mallelateertham falls:¬†Literally meaning a ‘Shower of Jasmines’, Mallelateertham is a waterfall showering from a height of about 110 ft just about 180 km away from Hyderabad on the route to Srisailam¬† ¬†From the entry gate a descend of about 500-600 ft takes you to the spot which seems like a spring burst out of the seams of the heavens.

    Pic : Pradeep Partamshetty

  • Ethipotala falls¬†:¬†Another popular spot, near Nagarjuna sagar dam, Ethipotala falls is a 70 ft high river cascade, on the chandravanka river.¬†The course of the chandravanka river after the falls is also very beautiful flowing through an amazing canyon. The base if the falls is a crocodile breeding centre so obviously you cant get into water.

    It took a lot of time, courage and effort reaching there, in the land of crocs.


  • Suryalanka Beach¬†is located in Guntur district is a well known beach with a wide and spacious shore. The waters of the Bay of Bengal are crystal blue and offer a soothing calmness in this area. This beach is widely known as it is the nearest beach from Hyderabad. Frequent buses are available from Guntur to Bapatla where this beach is situated.
  • Chirala beach :¬†¬†the beach adjacent to Suryalanka beach, equally scenic and less crowded.

Forts :

  • Bidar fort¬†:¬†130 Kilometers from Hyderabad.¬†The¬†Bidar Fort in Karnataka¬†is a beautiful creation from red rock of the then ruler of Karnataka which is surrounded by a triple-moated wall.

    PIc: Ponguti Sairam

  • Bhongir fort: Bhuvanagiri/Bhongir a town 48 km from Hyderabad. Bhongir is famous for its fort, which became prominent during the rule of the Kakatiyas.¬†The Fort was built on an isolated monolithic rock.
  • Rachakonda fort¬†: 70 kms from Hyderabad,¬†Rachakonda Fort It is a place of tourist importance. The ‘Dasavatara’ sculptures in a cave near Pattabhigutta and the five temples in the town are excellent specimens of Kakatiya art and architecture. Situated among hill ranges, Rachakonda is a place of considerable archaeological interest
  • Devarkonda fort:¬†Devarakonda fort in Nalgonda District was a formidable stronghold of the¬†Recherla velama Kings, this fort now stands amidst ruins. A place worth visiting by antiquity lovers. The fort is surrounded by seven hills with some great rocks and boulder and few patches of dry deciduous forest.
    Distance from Hyderabad: 115 KM. The best part of it is the exotic location of the water body in the fort.

    Pic : Gouse Ahmed Shaik

  • Medak fort¬†is a¬†citadel built on a hillock that provided as a vantage point for the Kakatiyan rulers in ancient India. Its right in medak town about 100 kms from hyderabad. Also the church at Medak is built in Gothic style and is considered to be the largest diocese in Asia.


  • Ananthagiri forest¬†:¬†Anantagiri often referred to ‘Ooty of Andhra Pradesh’ is the place where Musi river originates. Its about 100 kms on hyderabad – vikarabad-tandur route. There is an APTDC haritha resort for accommodation and food facilities
  • Srisailam forest¬†: Largest tiger reserve in India and only in AP State. The only accommodation facility in near the Srisailam temple.

These places do not include the core trekking areas so anybody and everybody can go there and have fun. The only thing to take care while travelling nearby is the heat, avoid going these places in summers.
Also I have not included the in city options of resorts and all.

Data source : Great Hyderabad Adventure Club.
  • For detailed inquiry feel free to reach out to me at “”. I am always happy to help.
  • If you want to add more additions to the list, post in the comments ūüôā
  • I have not listed the trekking places in this post :P,
  • As¬†promised¬†this post is written “with jyos inspiration..”¬†.
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