The unexplored paradise

Ethipotla Waterfalls, Andhra Pradesh, India

The picture you see is of the waterfalls, I went with my college friends 2 years back on a trip to Nagarjuna sagar dam. I didn’t know the name of the place until last November when my friend Arun told me about the place and a valley beyond it. I googled about the place thoroughly but could only get the above picture and Ethipotla waterfalls was the last point I could get information about. So we decided to see what that place has to offer us.

Ethipotla waterfalls is on river Chandravanka which merges to Godavari river some kilometers from the waterfalls. We decided to track the river Chandravanka from Ethipotla to Godavari river. We made a group of 9 people to explore the valley. We named the place “Chandravanka Valley” as there is no formal name given to it.

We took the last bus from Hyderabad(Mahatama Gandhi Bus Station) to Hill Colony (NagarjunaSagar) and got down on the way, at the link road to the falls. But my travels are always with some twist, why leave this one? We were in the middle of nowhere at 3 am in a naxalite prone area. Although it was a 3 km concrete road to the falls,we had to cross 3 hamlets on the way without torch lights so that we don’t grab attention of the villagers and animals.

We reached the gate of the falls at 5 am and decided to go down after sunrise. The whole area is said to be a crocodile reserve and we didn’t want to die the death of crocodile poachers, so we had to distract as less people as possible. We went down to the water falls and  the first view of the valley is captured below.

first site of the valley

Opposite to this amazing canyon is the waterfalls. The best time to see any waterfall is sunrise, so we went to see the falls first then the valley. While making the route to the base of the falls we learnt another thing about the place i.e. the vegetation is very thick and it wont be easy to walk through.

Anyhow we made the way to the base of the falls hoping to see some crocodiles having fun in the pool at the end of the falls. But our luck wasn’t that great, we could only see the falls and hear the mighty gush of water.

The Group at Ethipotla falls. pic by numan khan

Next was to follow the river Chandravanka to as far as we could. Looking at the dense vegetation along the river we thought of following the river from over the canyon.

waterfalls from the top

view from the top

The view from the top was mesmerizing watching the river flow between two giant walls of rocks. We walked a length of about a kilometer and we saw less vegetation along the river. what next? we searched a way to go down the giant wall we were on.

Soorya at top of the cliff.

The way down was full of loose rocks and each step had to be taken wisely. The view just after reaching the bottom made all the struggle worthwhile.

stream of water

the stream

By looking at the flow and depth of the water, one could easily say that there cannot be any crocodile in that fast flowing water, it gave some relief to some of the group members, but my eyes were somewhere else. With Ranga and Priyank as my mentors in GHAC , climbing is like in my blood, even though I am not good at it. Rocks always lure me, and I am attracted to them, obviously the easy ones [:P].

The rocks there were mind blowing. There was a small one that had to be attempted as it was the only option to see what next.

rocks of chandravanka

rock climbing

climbing pitches

While climbing I realized that the rocks were soft in texture, not skin peeling as in Hyderabad, with a lot of holds. It made climbing there easy and fun. 5 of us attempted the rock and all succeeded. From the top we could see the route of the river and a huge dense forest ahead. The canyon came to an end and all was plain dense forest along the river.

valley ahead

It was 1 past noon and we had to go back whatever we had covered but we were tired. We left the rest of the exploration for next time. We had fun in the stream, had lunch, relaxed for an hour and started back.

the group

the u turn

With this we reached back from where we we started, the Ethipotla falls. From there we took an auto to hill colony and then back to Hyderabad MGBS by RTC bus.


3 thoughts on “The unexplored paradise

  1. impervious

    Beautiful pics man. I wish I could join you.

  2. raman gugnani

    awesome work…!!

  3. sandhya yadav

    awesomee ….!!!!!

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